Shipping and return policies for The Afterthought

Shipping Info
In most cases we will dispatch an order within two days of its receipt using the standard UK Royal Mail service. Overseas delivery times will vary so if you are outside the UK, please allow 28 days for delivery.
Return Policy
When our products leave the office, we make sure the cases are in good condition, but we can’t account for what the postal service is going to do to them after that. If your case has been damaged in transit, we suggest sourcing a new one locally, for it is possible that the same thing will happen again if we send another case. However, if you still want a replacement case, please contact us with your request.

Our CDs have been manufactured by a fully-licensed pressing plant courtesy of one of the UK’s top companies. If, however, your audio playback has problems, we will provide a full-refund or replacement. At our discretion, we may require proof of the fault, in which case we will ask you to return the product. In such a case, we will refund your return postal costs and ship a tested replacement to you ASAP.